Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ho, hoe, hoe

I am almost done with my clean-up near the chain-link fence around the edge of the property. I saw some sprouts on what I had already done yesterday and this morning hoed them down. In doing so, I unearthed tangles of roots, stems, and leaves that I had buried earlier. Removing the bulk of them, I smoothed the soil again and continued around the rest of the fence. There are still areas where the debris still needs to be removed, but this is the first time I went around the perimeter completely. It didn't take that much time, and when I mow later I will not need to approach the fence.

That is the main problem with chain-link -- the weeds are nearly impossible to control unless one uses herbicides. Using weed-whackers isn't feasible because the plastic line wraps itself up on the fence and breaks off quickly. There still is a place for herbicides -- one neighbor isn't good at keeping his yard.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An even shorter run.

Found a pair of forceps and then a pin to remove something from the vent of Beverly's Dell. Looked like tape, but then it flew off of the forceps and I didn't try to track it down. I noted down what the F8 menu is like in the work laptop and hope that it remains the same on Beverly's. I'll try that later.

Dry caulk. I got done around the inside of the outside door frame. But then I checked the inside of the door frame and see that I should do that first.

Beverly and I went to the Baptist church around the corner for their meeting. The book my parent's pastor was teaching was of the health/wealth genre which is one that Beverly has a weakness for. Mainly, however, because she was no longer going to a woman's only group and I dislike monologues, I decided the informal teaching format at the Baptists was better. Their subject was on the Moslem belief.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Short run this morning. I'm going to try short frequent runs for a while.

Messed a lot with the dehumidifier hose because it leaked. Finally Beverly found that it was cracked at the connection. My dad sprayed it with crack sealer and we hope it will provide good service.

Started sealing the boards around the basement door. I am using an old tube up so I just started and stopped. If it looks dry, I'll finish it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


A Goldfinch couple just visited the backyard sunflower. I didn't know that it was ready to eat, but the two seemed to enjoy the food anyway. They probably know more about their needs than I would ever know.


Been semibusy.
Mainly my time has been "wasted" reading the comment section of The comments range from beastly to profound, depending on the article and it gives me somewhat an idea of the way people think or not think. I probably should be looking a other things more now.

I've been busy digging, hoeing, a cleaning up the dead plants from that. I'm pretty much finished and will be able to hoe around the house every week. Mowing will be much easier when I don't have to see how close to the fence I must get.
Fixed a small hoe my mother said was made by her father. I'm not sure -- it looks manufactured -- whatever, it will be of some use.

I've extended my running, but have also gotten spotty. I decided this morning that it would be better if I cut back on distance for now and concentrated on being out every morning.

I brought my vise here yesterday and am now experimenting on butternut cracking. Hard to do with a hammer.

For some reason yesterday the Belkin USB wireless network connector CD started working, so now I'm outside with my laptop writing this. Good to know that I can, though I'm not sure if I want to in the heat of the day. Still, it is useful to know I can do it when I want.

Friday Beverly and I went around on several errands. One was to order new lopper blades at Ace for their extension lopper. Should be in Monday, they say, and I've several other purchases as well. Hoping to caulk around the basement door to make it more difficult for the things to have a staging area before sneaking in.