Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tying together parallel timelines/bots

I've been writing several stories. Mostly they aren't good, but the pieces in them I like keep me from throwing them away. There is something about my sense of humor coming into play when danger is near... From Cat:
"The ledge narrowed as if ending. Even with the wind at my back, I could smell something evil ahead. It smelled of road kill, and there was no highway within sight. I brought my sharpened stake out in front and moved slowly forward,..."

 Some of the longer ones seem to be winding down. Cat has its ending dropping in. The main big parts left is the death of Eagle, the elevation of the evil Shaman, and tying in BigSloth with the rest of the corpus.

Betty of the Scots needs several big pieces added. Peter and his boss BigSloth are to meet somewhere near the end and then Stage needs to be tied in after I figure where it is going. The Yellow Roadster is waiting for J. Rawlings and it needs a final chunk about J. Rawlings getting into football to transition. Maybe two chunks. I could have a story, Rte. 66 by itself instead of tagging it on the beginning of J. Rawlings.

Tammy & Lee, describing the beginning of the bots need to be tied in with the beginning of the parallels jumping in DragonWorld, but that means that I'll need to start a new corpus for the parallel and fantasy. That should be easily done by OutWorld. I'll need to rename DragonWorld...So far it hasn't any fantasy elements. Should Joe Smith be the janitor in that? Where should I take this? He'll have a choice of twenty-four worlds. Should I have him go to them all?

Van should also be in this corpus, but who is "I"?

Svenland would seem to belong to this corpus, but the Hunebedden won't let it. I'll let my subconscious push it on. Some of the other elements are fantasy already.

Final documentation

My dad is currently signing some sort of legal document. There are people around to witness. I wasn't asked, of course, and I wonder what the document is about. My dad seems to be alert right at the moment, but shouldn't be for long. Beverly says that she would give him a week if he didn't eat, but he ate about a handful of pudding yesterday, so that will give him some strength to sign.
Currently, I'm told, he has no strength left in his legs and Beverly thinks it is due to a lack of eating because he sees no point in fighting. My mother keeps trying to get him to eat, but I, for one, will let him go to his rest.

Come back?

I really ought to start working on this blog again.
1. to get my thoughts straightened out about where I am.
2. to direct my attention inwardly instead of outwardly.
  The problem with the outward is that I don't usually have anyone to talk to. This blog, at least, will give me a chance to express myself and potentially will have the additional advantage of an occasional comment from the real world.

The main problem with this is that I'm unable to write a short bit and go on. Too many hoops to jump to do that. I either need to write offline and transfer or waste time. Not good.