Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take five Давид

My name in Russia would be Давид. Cool.

Jog/walked past a dead end street that I usually ignore, but this time saw that there was another sign underneath. Was it new? It looked new, but maybe I was just missed it before. This time I saw it and it informed me, "5 mph."
That cannot be well thought out. I easily can run in spurts faster than that. OTOH, I don't know of any car speedometer that can read that low. A friend who was a motorcyclist complained about a speed limit higher than that because it was impossible to keep his balance.

Yesterday I got in quite a conversation with my wife using text-to-computer and computer-to-text. It was a small discussion moving some furniture around that is probably run-of-the-mill to most people, but pretty miraculous for this deaf guy. Usually, when she's on a trip she might as well be dead.

Walked to Ace for the speed nuts and left disgusted. The man that "helped" me basically got in my way. I told him what I wanted, a 1/4" speed nut and showed him a 1/2" one to make sure he understood. He laid a 1/2" clip on type on the counter. I showed him the speed nut again and repeated my request. He put down a speed nut. Using my trusty pocket measuring tape, I showed him it was 1/2" and repeated my request. The same happened again with a 3/8" speed nut. I figured he would then produce a 1/4" one. I was wrong. He laid a 1/2" one down. I left.
Quite obviously there was a communication breakdown, but where?

Just before arriving to Ace, I went past a person I think was an old schoolmate. He had a hollow-eye and very sad expression on his face. I walked past without saying anything, of course. Conversation is prohibited.