Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An even shorter run.

Found a pair of forceps and then a pin to remove something from the vent of Beverly's Dell. Looked like tape, but then it flew off of the forceps and I didn't try to track it down. I noted down what the F8 menu is like in the work laptop and hope that it remains the same on Beverly's. I'll try that later.

Dry caulk. I got done around the inside of the outside door frame. But then I checked the inside of the door frame and see that I should do that first.

Beverly and I went to the Baptist church around the corner for their meeting. The book my parent's pastor was teaching was of the health/wealth genre which is one that Beverly has a weakness for. Mainly, however, because she was no longer going to a woman's only group and I dislike monologues, I decided the informal teaching format at the Baptists was better. Their subject was on the Moslem belief.

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