Sunday, June 10, 2012


Been semibusy.
Mainly my time has been "wasted" reading the comment section of The comments range from beastly to profound, depending on the article and it gives me somewhat an idea of the way people think or not think. I probably should be looking a other things more now.

I've been busy digging, hoeing, a cleaning up the dead plants from that. I'm pretty much finished and will be able to hoe around the house every week. Mowing will be much easier when I don't have to see how close to the fence I must get.
Fixed a small hoe my mother said was made by her father. I'm not sure -- it looks manufactured -- whatever, it will be of some use.

I've extended my running, but have also gotten spotty. I decided this morning that it would be better if I cut back on distance for now and concentrated on being out every morning.

I brought my vise here yesterday and am now experimenting on butternut cracking. Hard to do with a hammer.

For some reason yesterday the Belkin USB wireless network connector CD started working, so now I'm outside with my laptop writing this. Good to know that I can, though I'm not sure if I want to in the heat of the day. Still, it is useful to know I can do it when I want.

Friday Beverly and I went around on several errands. One was to order new lopper blades at Ace for their extension lopper. Should be in Monday, they say, and I've several other purchases as well. Hoping to caulk around the basement door to make it more difficult for the things to have a staging area before sneaking in.

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