Thursday, April 19, 2012

Babies, Bugs, and Books

Life was full of interest today.

First my wife woke me as I woke up (I think we tied) to tell me she was leaving. Friday morning at 0400 was when she was supposed to be leaving, but some little person decided to make other plans. I just heard my wife is in Kansas now and soon will be babysitting two little girls and some other thing. The two girls aren't really babies now, but toddlers, so one could say my wife is toddling. She'll be back in a couple of weeks, I hope and God willing.
Work was way interesting today. A little background. The companies produce a very flexible database. We have several internal applications that must work well, including that database. Staff throughout the company are the initial guinea pigs after it gets out of the developers' and testers' hands. The final clients are Fortune 500 type of companies and aren't too fond of incompetence. (Though we could tell you stories about some of our clients who famously didn't make it financially a few years ago.) So our product is necessary for our companies both in beta and final form.

I ran into one bug. Minor. Routine. I then tried to corral it so that the developers could duplicate it easily so they could dissect the thing. After a time I wanted to make a new record to strip it of as many variables as possible. I brought up the record template, tossed in some needed data, and tried to save. I couldn't. Why? I ended up hunting a new bug.

After some time, I got enough clues to get others into the bug hunt and we discovered the source. I went back to the original bug while the new bug was being fixed by someone who knew what they were doing than the bug's creator. At the end of the day, I downloaded the fix and updated. Will it work? I'll find out tomorrow morning.

That bug find was a feather in my cap and I'm certain will make my boss happy I'm around. If I hadn't caught it, the next level would have been the help, sales, administration, testing and development staff. That is, the whole company would have been at a standstill. Nothing like knowing that one is wanted.
I was able to get move several boxes of books back to storage and bring back several more. I'm listing them all by size and hope to keep them neatly in boxes on the shelves. Thus they will be arranged mainly by size and I'll have to have a database to tell me what I have and where.

What do you do with your books?


  1. Hunting down a bug, and isolating it, is good fun, isn't it?

    Its been a while since I've done any worthwhile work, but every once in a while, a bug comes along, and I get a good kick out of narrowing and fixing it!

  2. Yep. the can a lot of fun. I think that is what our minds are for: searching for food...bugs.


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