Sunday, April 8, 2012

Running to Stand Still

I keep trying to get started on my book classification scheme, but things keep coming up.

  • Fixits.
Fixed the knob of the front storm door before my parents came home as a surprise for them. That involved taking it off and looking at it to see why the whole thing revolved instead of just the knob when opening the door.

Flange with a threaded hole broken.

I found a long enough bolt, drilled a hole, tapped it, and reassembled. Works, but now I need to do something about a stub of a bolt waiting to slice someone's finger while opening the door. Life is dangerous is a good motto to get out of the responsibility, but if I tell my wife that, life indeed would be dangerous.

  • Move.
Moved a box full of broken-down cardboard boxes to the new storage. I plan to convert them to book boxes. I'll fit them to put in books of one size and be ready to close and go when moving again.
My book database should take care of the otherwise random book subjects.

Brought my second UPS in to charge. I'm hoping that if I need to note down where things are in storage, it will power the laptop for extended times. My main problem is setting up a good database.

I also put my tea things on shelving in the corner of the sewing room that my mother refuses to place things on due to the damp seeping in from outside. This is in the basement. I also put a small lamp above for dark morning start-ups.

  • Nap.
My wife took a nap just as I started to get ready to add books to my new Google form. I left. Strangely, I was able to keep from napping. I hope I get to sleep on time to balance that.

  • Offer for more work.
My parent's church ask me to maintain their site. Probably will, but I'm now in the process of learning Joomla. I'll need to figure out how to take notes. I wish Google had xml apps so I can work on the cloud.

I hadn't started with the books yet, but at least I roughed in a form. I just hope it will be easy to transfer to my xml database later.

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