Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tested and reCycled

I've had a month preparing for a tsunami of extra duties at work and yesterday was the breaking point -- I was to add my jobs to the Testing Cycle Incident report.

The wave broke, separated, and passed by on both sides. I seem to be safe for now.

My supervisor turned up the heat and I appealed to the team leader, who was under her. He subsequently arrived at her office during a discussion about me with the head of the company.

Turns out that there was a misunderstanding and all the pressure I was under wasn't necessary. I was relieved of the extra duties (which by now I had managed to automate) and the testing red tape, which was really the stuff I was going crazy from. So now I'm back to square one with only loss of their time -- I get paid for nothing, though I'm happy to learn more about the application.

I would even be happy to learn more about the Testing Cycle Incident report, but I'm afraid that the Lorentz transformation is a snap compared to that.

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