Saturday, April 7, 2012

Muddled Moving and Storage

I'm tired. Not the usual tiredness of the day, but a tiredness that comes from moving things, jogging back and forth, lifting things, and making a multitude of decisions.

We recently moved here to West Virginia and put most of our belongings in storage as we took up residence in my parent's house. They need help in their old age and requested that we come several years ago. I think. I might have gotten that wrong, though.

Almost immediately we found another storage place about 3/4 the cost of the other and a bit more room only a block away from the first and began to move everything over by hand. Yesterday and today were the days that we moved several large things. The beginning of next week we will completely finish and only have to continue to unpack the boxes and get rid of some of the excess.

However, our storage space is beginning to shape up. I finally found my box of Greek books and other references. Things that were lost in boxes were found and their recovery was a joy. But we still need to reorganize.

I'm considering the job of cataloging all my books again. I really need a method to find them. That way I can keep books in order of size in boxes on the shelves, but know exactly where to find what I want. That will be a big job that I don't relish.

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