Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Broken bones and storage

After supper last afternoon, I went for a walk with my wife. As she attempted to converse with me, she fell off the sidewalk into the gutter onto her ribcage. She now wonders if she broke a rib. If so, then that could mean that she has about three broken bones currently healing up. She's upstairs now cleaning and waxing the kitchen floor.
Naturally, I feel a bit guilty for being the proximate cause. If she was talking with a friend, it would have been different.

It looks like we just need to sweep out the old storage place and remove the lock. Pretty soon we'll be finished. with that tiny phrase in our lives. The advantages of the old storage was that it was across the street from a laundry and the new one is across the street from a bar; and that the door was exposed to public view instead of hidden back in a niche. The advantages of the new storage is that it isn't a foot off the ground and therefore easier to get into; has a regular door instead of a garage door that lets everybody see what is within (Mainly our books will be exposed to public view and they're not something that a fence will pay a lot for); and it costs $35 a month less.

I think it's a good deal.

I've been asked to take over a website's updating and will need to check up on the stuff that they use in the website. If too difficult to learn or too much time, I'll say no. I asked for a month. I already looked at it and think I might be able to handle it. Just need to know all the gotchas.

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