Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I recently read about someone named Samantha Brick, who wrote "I know I’m beautiful–Daddy told me so." It was reported on Yahoo and I read the comments from many people.

It was strange how so many of the people were very angry at her. One would think that she murdered people for fun and profit to have such a reception. I don't know, but perhaps all these people were envious. I don't think I've seen such anger even in politics. At least in politics you are usually defended by your own side.


I've had a long day at work today. The whole morning was devoted to a problem with the password. No helpful message was given, but I finally deduced that the age of the password was limited and figured out how to turn that off. I made out a bug report, too. That shouldn't be like that.

I doubt if the future users know what testers go through for their sake, but when you get something done almost without thinking on the computer, remember to thank all the people who worked on it in the past. :-)


Yesterday, my wife asked if I wanted to go for a walk and I assured her I did, but I wanted to keep it short. We ended up going halfway up the hill and walking along a trail for a little bit more than half-a-mile. There are some flowers that I vaguely remember that are beauties. I'll have to look them up soon before I forget. I wonder if my wife still has her camera?

We finally got to where the trail split and went straight up and down the side of the hill. We went down and walked home. That's my wife for you    as adventurous as she is sweet.

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